Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mountain Lion Released Today: Buy In The Mac App Store Now

Apple has released OSX Mountain Lion today. 10.8 is available on the Mac App store today for the price of $19.99. This is ten dollars less then 10.7 Lion was when it was released. Purchasing OSX 10.8 from the Mac App store will allow you to upgrade 5 of your Macs to Mountain Lion. Note that some users have had problems downloading Mountain Lion due to high demand.

Apple will not be selling Mountain Lion on disc or USB jump drives. Mountain Lion will be exclusively downloaded from the Mac App Store. You can still make a backup for Mountain Lion. The devs at have updated Lion Diskmaker to support Mountain Lion.  You can use any USB or SD media that is at least 8GB. Lion Diskmaker allows you to restore OSX 10.8 if you have to replaced your HDD.

Mountain Lion has over 200 new features. Apple is calling OSX 10.8 the most advanced operating system to date. Mountain Lion has a ton of new features including Dictation, Airplay Mirroring, iCloud Integration, The Notification Center, The New Messages App, and many more. Almost everything has been updated. The review have been coming out today and the general consensus is  that Mountain Lion is definitely a worthy upgrade to Lion. Jump on over to The Mac App store now to download your copy of Mountain Lion.