Friday, March 30, 2012

How To Find Out The Specs of Your Macintosh Computer

A Quick Guide To System Information On Your OSX Lion Macintosh

Every wonder how much RAM you have or how much of your HDD you are using? If you have OSX Lion installed it is very simple to see quick and easy to read specs about your mac. This information is crucial if you plan on upgrading your Macintosh Computer. This is also an easy way to figure out how much HDD space you have left.

Follow along below:

1. First thing we want to do is click on the Apple Logo at the top left hand side of the screen.

2. The next step is to click on the first option on the drop down menu About This Mac. This should bring up a window in the center of your screen.

3. Alright this is some very basic information about your Mac, but we want more. Go ahead and click on the "More info..." button. This will bring up system information about your Macintosh.

4. We now have System Information pulled up. Here we can find out all sorts of neat things about our Mac. There are four tabs at the top. The tabs are Overview, Displays, Storage, and Memory. The storage tab will break down the total amount of HDD space you have and the amount of space you have remaining. It even breaks down what the space you are using is divided into. The Memory tab will show you how much RAM you have and what kind of RAM your computer uses. RAM is one of the easiest and cheapest upgrades you can add to your Apple Macintosh Computer, it will make it run faster and smoother.

If you have not upgraded your computer to Lion I highly recommend it. And while your upgrading your Operating System why not max out your RAM and make your system super fast.

OSX Lion 10.7.3

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