Tuesday, February 22, 2011

iPhone 4 Price Per a Month: AT&T vs Verizon

Here is a comparison of AT&T vs Verizon. The price difference is only $5 dollars. The cost for 450 minutes is the exact same, but with AT&T you get to keep your rollover minutes. With Verizon you have to pay an extra $5 dollars for data, but you get unlimited. With AT&T you get 2GB for $25 dollars. One thing to remember is that after you get past 2GB on Verizon they will throttle your speeds. You will get double the amount of text messages on AT&T vs Verizon for the price of $10.

Some things to remember:
  • Verizon does not allow you to talk and surf the web.
  • Verizon only supports 3 way calling while AT&T supports up to 5.
  • Verizon can not place a call on hold.
  • Currently only the Verizon iPhone will support WiFi hotspot


  1. AT&T all the way!!!

  2. AT&T is way faster then Verizon. But, Verizon has a bigger coverage area.